Beyond Identity - Youth Voices in Casey

To enable young people to share what respect means for them.

Project year:


Diversity, Inclusion, Equity
Creative Arts
International Education
Gender equity
LGBTQIA+ international students


Beyond Identity - Youth Voices in Casey

Advocate gender equity by engaging young, diverse communities in art-based learning and expression, such as dance, photography and poetry, fostering respect and empowerment during the 16 Days of Activism campaign.

Who is it for?

For young people, community members and practitioners in gender equity

What it is about?

Connect and feel what respects mean to diverse young people by experiencing and immersing into performances, poetry and photography. It is an opportunity to participate by moving your body and activate your heart.

Focused community

Multicultural communities, international students, LGBTQIA+, gender equity relevant services, general public, Aboriginal People


Presented by Feifei Curiosity

Supported by City of Casey

Impactful outcomes

  • Raise awareness of gender-based violence, empowering young people to address power dynamics and promote respect.
  • Improve community confidence, foster a sense of safety, and encourage inclusive, equitable behaviour.
  • Build a more respectful and understanding community, amplifying the message of gender equity during the 16 Days of Activism campaign.


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